Arabian Finish Line: Arabian Racing’s Foremost Publication

Serving the global market since 1989, Arabian Finish Line magazine is a bimonthly publication celebrating the majesty of the Arabian racehorse and the intriguing people of the racing community. A definite “must-read” for anyone involved with Arabian horses, Arabian Finish Line is a valuable resource tool no racing professional should be without. Insightful, informative and entertaining, this magazine belongs in the hands of every Arabian horse enthusiast.

Readers will enjoy articles covering breeding and bloodlines, veterinary issues, and thought provoking commentary about the racing industry and Arabian horses in general. Spiced up with columns from insiders of the industry and letters to the editor, readers are inspired and entertained with bold opinions, controversy, humor and wit.

Stephanie J. Ruff, Publisher & Editor in Chief

Stephanie J. Ruff has been devoted to horses ever since she first read Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion when she was a child.  She has competed in hunters, jumpers, equitation, and eventing, but now concentrates mainly on dressage. Her current partner is an Arabian/Dutch Warmblood mare named Nadia’s Jewels, and the first Arabian she bred, Stylized Lily, is in training for the racetrack.

Stephanie has a Master’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky where her focus was on equine genetics. She spent many years working on horse farms as well as for The Jockey Club Information Systems, the Arabian Jockey Club and the Arabian Racing Cup. A freelance writer since 1998, Stephanie has written hundreds of articles on all facets of the horse industry and in 2014 took over the publishing of Arabian Finish Line magazine. She has even authored two illustrated children’s stories, Goats With Coats and Antics in the Attic. She currently resides in Homosassa, Fla.